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How to start money with a blog

If it ever freie-or very close - business model on the Internet, free blogging it is.

In fact, you are using Google Blogger or WordPress-blog for nothing can log on. It's fast, too: you can be set up within a few minutes.

All you need to do is to make money sticking some AdSense ads on it. When your visitors click on the links, you make money.

Paste affiliate links into your blog. Then write objective reviews and earn money when they buy the product through your link.

And the good thing about these two methods is that you really can make money, without any issues. Once you know how to do it right.

What is AdSense?

AdSense is a Google advertising program run.

If companies with Google advertise, they can view your blog - placed if the blog is free or not.

If someone on this map click, loads Google providers for each of the clicks. Therefore, it is why it also known as pay-per-click advertising.

And, since the display is on your site, Google pays you a small percentage.

Google can charge for each click anywhere from 5 cents to a few dollars. So there is potential to make a little more money or a lot. Everything depends on how you are serious.

I regularly make a small additional revenue from AdSense.

Keep in mind Google has AdSense and blogger. So the two go well together.

Everything you need to do money with AdSense, make, is the small code that the program generates and paste it on your blog.

Although some positions on your blog, where you get more clicks than others, it to you, the best place to find out.

In the last few years I've been through trial and error, learned about the best places on my sites.

I go into detail about AdSense in a later post. (For my clients I do this for them - if it is, what they want - not to have).

One other thing: You can mix the AdSense ads, so that they look like a part of your blog. Something like an advertisement in a newspaper, so it looks like an article than an advertisement.

Also - and here is this is why it is important, some keywords in your articles - have placed AdSense ads usually on your site that match the theme and content.

For example: If you have a Web site on languages, show AdSense probably show the courses, and so on offer.

View is on this website for cars or aircraft not displayed, because they tend to irrelevant to the topic.

You need blog posts, contact emails, eBooks, articles, reports or just about any type of writing - Ghulam Nabi Rezbi, a direct response copywriter, marketing consultant, author and public speaker.

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